Performance Evaluation  

The most beneficial tool to any athlete is one of measurement. Athletes train and compete all year round and usually judge their improvements based on performance outcomes only (for example: achieving personal best time or finishing with an improved ranking). 

While this is a form of measurement, it is usually out of athlete's control and should only form a part of the goals. If the performance outcomes become the sole focus of measurement, it can be difficult to stay motivated during periods of stagnation or hard training when times are not improving. It is far greater to spend your time understanding what actually creates your performance outcome, which is made up of many performance processes

If an athlete is able to recognise and measure strengths and weaknesses in their water performance, such as dives, underwater transitions, turns, they will be able to develop a resilient performance foundation, capable of achieving consistent success. 

That is why we have developed the most effective swimming performance evaluation tests to enable athletes to measure their performance breakdown, enabling them to easily discover where they can improve for the future. 

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Performance Evaluation by Olympian with Detailed Written Report

Improve your swimming with one of our comprehensive performance evaluation sessions. Receive a detailed report from one of our specialist coaches identifying where you can improve and why improvements in specific areas will lead to faster swimming. 

    What it involves: 

  • Your performance will be evaluated across swimming skill tests during 60mins pool session
  • Assessed performances will be recorded 
  • Detailed written report highlighting areas for improvement will be discussed with the assessing coach during 30mins evaluation session 


  • Hanworth Air Park Leisure Centre, Uxbridge Road, Hanworth, TW13 5EG

    Suitable for:  

  • club, masters swimmers and athletes training for endurance events: triathlon, ironman, open water swimming

    Fee: £109

    Enrolment: please email: