AquaNatal Yoga

Special time for you and your bump

Weekly AquaNatal Yoga classes in private endless pool

Alongside our swimming tuition, we also offer AquaNatal Yoga classes, which can help pregnant women stay fit by using gentle but effective yoga exercises in the pool. Our Aquanatal yoga classes are fully accredited by Birthlight


What is Aquanatal Yoga?

Pioneered by Birthlight, AquaNatal Yoga is a gentle yet effective form of exercise for women during their pregnancy and post pregnancy.

During an AquaNatal Yoga class you will be gently instructed on how to safely use the water's support and buoyancy for gentle exercises involving stretching, floating and balances. You will also have the opportunity to experience the water's calming nature for relaxation.

Sessions are taught by a certified Birthlight AquaNatal Yoga teacher who will guide you on how to adapt the gentle exercises according to what feels most comfortable for you.


AquaNatal yoga gives pregnant women more than just fitness…

  •  - Water facilitates bonding with Baby
  •  - Breathing exercises to help maintain or even increase lung capacity, can help blood flow and blood pressure
  •  - Calming the mind and helping to aid relaxation and body awareness
  •  - Pelvic floor awareness exercises using breathing techniques
  • - Increasing mobility and flexibility
  •  - Specific exercises for various forms of pregnancy discomforts
  •  - Gaining confidence in your body's amazing ability of childbirth
  •  - Can help to increase positive emotions both during pregnancy and after birth in the postnatal period
  • - Water provides a soothing yet stimulating environment to prepare for birth, no matter your method of childbirth

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Phone: 07935832974

Venue Details

Location: London - Heathrow Area - Riching Sports Park

Address: 34A Wellesley Ave, Iver SL0 9BN

Facilities: private endless pool, changing facilities, free parking

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AquaNatal Yoga

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