IM & Performance Evaluation

2-Day Swim Camp

5th & 6th August 2021



Do you know how to take your swimming to the next level?

The IM & Performance Evaluation 2-Day Swim Camp offers club swimmers a chance to improve swimming technique on all four strokes and gain a deeper understanding of their overall swimming performance with the latest analysis testing

Each swimmer will receive an Evaluation Report assessing their swimming performance including recommendations on how to create consistent performance improvements from Double Olympian Edward Sinclair 

What's on the agenda

IM Training:

  • Practising technique on all 4 strokes with drill progressions
  • IM Turns
  • Technique correction

Performance Swim Testing:

  • Kick Test
  • Pull Test
  • Turn Test
  • Endurance Test
  • Pacing Test
  • Dive & Glide Test
  • Push & Glide Test
  • Stroke Efficiency Test

For more information please email [email protected]

Photos from IM & Performance Evaluation Clinic - May 2019 

Photos from IM & Performance Evaluation Clinic - October 2018 

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Days' schedules

  • 9.30am - Registration
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Land Warm Up Routines
  • Pool Sessions: IM Training & Testing (2 hours)
  • Packed Lunch
  • Technical & Performance Testing Workshops 
  • Pool Sessions: IM Training & Testing (1.5 hours)
  • Testing results & Debrief
  • 4.30pm - Sign out & Home 

Course focus

  • Technique on all 4 strokes with IM turns
  • IM testing
  • Swim skills testing
  • Performance analysis
  • Professionals athlete experience

Suitable for

club swimmers aged 9 - 17: competitive up to national level

What is included

  • Written evaluation report
  • Pen

Fee: £249



Venue Details

School Pool in Guildford, GU1


Facilities: 25m pool & free parking

Please note during Summer 2021 there will not be any viewing area for parents available - thank you for your understanding


To book your space please follow our online application procedure 

"Spaces on our courses are limited, so if you would like to take part, please book with confidence as soon as you are ready.  In case the course does not go ahead due to lockdown or you need to cancel due to COVID-19 related reasons,  we will organise a full refund within 14 days from the cancellation."
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