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Triathlete and Masters area!

Here you will find everything you need to improve and develop your swimming to where you want it to be. Whether you are a nervous beginner, enjoy swimming for fitness and want to improve your technique and endurance, interested in becoming a competitive athlete, or you are a competitive athlete and have aspirations of making it onto the podium, we have plenty of services to choose from that can be adapted and designed with your end goal in mind.

Learn from our vastly experienced expert MP coaching and sport scientist team, and gain knowledge from one of UK's leading freestyle experts Double Olympian, World & European medallist and Ex-British and European freestyle record holder Edward Sinclair, who has many years of experience in coaching triathletes and masters, such as: Vanessa Raw (GB International), Chris Carter (GB International), Eliza Cottington (International Junior), Emma Pallant (GB International), Pavan Rooprai (GB International), Stuart Hayes (Olympian 2012) and Michelle Dillon (Olympian 2004).

One-2-One Sessions in Endless Pool

Sign up to a stroke analysis swimming session at the MP Endless Pool and benefit from our Olympic-standard training methods in a fun and dynamic environment. 

We’ll analyse and film your technique on our HD cameras (above and below water) as you swim at different speeds. The arms-length proximity of our coaches allows us to spot issues that would be difficult to see in a normal pool or club swimming setting. 

You’ll be provided with in-depth, instant feedback on how to gain a more efficient and effective stroke.

Suitable for: masters, open water swimmers and triathletes.

Fee: from £159 per session.

Facilities: private endless pool, changing facilities, free parking.

Location: London - Heathrow Area - Riching Sports Park

Address: 34A Wellesley Ave, Iver SL0 9BN

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One-2-One Sessions in 25m pools

One-2-one sessions in a 25m pool are a great way of gaining quality swimming skills which will provide you with efficient swimming technique, the key to quick progress and swimming success.

Suitable for: masters, open water swimmers and triathletes

Fee: from £145 for 1.5hrs session

Facilities: 25m pool with changing facilities & free parking. 


Epsom College - Address: Epsom College, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4JQ

Guildford School Pool - Address: Guildford, GU1

Eton College - Address: Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 6WD

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One-2-One Land Training Sessions

The training you do outside of the swimming pool is now almost as important as what you do in the water.

Our MP coaches oversee strength and conditioning sessions aimed at improving your speed, agility, reaction, balance, posture, muscular strength and power. 

The injury prevention sessions allow us to identity, isolate and work on specific areas of the body that are prone to injury.

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Swim Clinics with Olympian

Maximum Performances swimming clinics are a great way to improve your swimming technique and enhance your swimming skills regardless of your current level. If you are looking for intensive swim courses to improve your swimming as quickly as possible our courses are the right choice for you. 

Learn from our vastly experienced expert coaching and sport scientist team, and gain knowledge from one of UK's leading freestyle experts Double Olympian, World & European medallist and Ex-British and European freestyle record holder Edward Sinclair. Our coaches have experience in working with various levels and abilities from professional triathletes to enthusiastic amateurs.

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